Thursday, March 19, 2009

suitcase record player

$8 >  HMV stereophonic automatic electrogram ... thats what is says . it's a  suitcase style record player not that you'd wanna carry it around ... it weighs a ton ! the lid is a speaker & detaches as in the pic . it doesn't have a radio it just plays records at either 16/33/45 or 78 rpm . you can stack up a bunch of records & it'll play one then drop the next one down & play it & so on & so forth , it's a regular party machine ... i bought this at a second hand shop around 1996 & it's been my only way to play vinyl since . which is the main reason i cant upload any vinyl to this blog , as it doesn't have any outputs . a specialist repair shop told me that it 's a 1957 model . i've googled it but can't find any more info . i wouldn't even think of parting with it , but i do think of getting a more modern turntable & amp from time to time .