Monday, May 11, 2009


$1 >    for this 1980  7" on Ralph Records . Fred Frith's cover of Martha & the Vandellas 1964 Motown hit 'Dancing in the Street'  this is the way cover versions should be done ... totally deranged ! . i wasn't a fan until i saw Fred Frith play once at The Basement in sydney in the early '90's . the jazz snobs just about started stuffing their martini olives in their ears when fred started whacking his guitar with a hairbrush at high volume ... & then layed it flat & dropped handfuls of rice on the strings ... great stuff !  my friends & i saw him outside later having a smoke . he was a really nice friendly bloke , said he'd much rather have played at a rock venue , but i don't know if he'd have gone down too much better at an aussie pub rock venue ... though i sure would've liked to have seen it !